Katelyn is a certified makeup artist with 10 years of experience as a professional. Katelyn is a graduate of Elegance International, School of Professional Makeup. At EI, Katelyn earned a diploma in the artistry of makeup, a 1 year intensive program covering every aspect of makeup artistry. Katelyn is now exceptionally trained in all areas of makeup including beauty & corrective, theatre & live performance, high fashion & photography, TV & film, and special effects. After graduating from EI in 2009, Katelyn worked on fashion shows and independent films as a freelance makeup artist in Los Angeles. In 2011 Katelyn worked for Estée Lauder and started a career with MAC Cosmetics in 2012. From 2012 to 2019 Katelyn worked as a manager for MAC Cosmetics and utilized her skills in business and artistry to excel in the cosmetic industry. Since graduating from Elegance International Katelyn has continuously freelanced for every avenue of makeup artistry. She has mastered the experience of bridal makeup, as well as print, catalog, tv & film. Katelyn has spent her career dedicating her time to mastering professionalism and makeup artistry to help others feel their absolute best.