Katelyn Painter

Certified Professional Makeup Artist

Makeup artistry is the biggest part of my life and has defined me as an artist for as long as I can remember. Eight years in the beauty industry as a professional and I have mastered the art of experience. My purpose as an artist is to ensure every client has the most exceptional experience and feels their absolute best. My clients are the backbone to my passion. Without you, I have no canvas. I appreciate your business more than words can express.

My work ethic reflects my love for every person who has given me the opportunity to do their makeup. I am a graduate of The Artistry of Makeup Diploma Program at Elegance International, School of Professional Makeup. Since graduating I have spent the last 8 years perfecting my craft through freelance and representing MAC Cosmetics.

With my professional education, training, and experience, I ensure the best experience for every client. From picking a date to the last drop of gloss, I absolutely love what I do.