Wasted Paint

It’s true. I am asked over and over, “what does wasted paint mean?” Most think it’s a song, or a punny take on being a lush, which may also be fitting. Waste of paint is a song that only the most emo of fans can relate and find hope in the mysterious name I have dubbed my *profound philosophy.

Artists have their masterpieces held in museums and behind glass casing for the world to * oggle at the groundbreaking talent. Art is a visual representation of our creative skill, expression, and imagination. I truly believe that art is the greatest wonder of our world. Humans have the capacity to create with no purpose besides expression. Art does not give us oxygen, but it does give us purpose to breathe.

While you are standing in front of a masterpiece at The Louvre we are enamored by the detail of the ancient pieces. Do you ever stop to think, “ how was the piece created?” There was a canvas littered with paints and brushes, water stains, and muddy old paint spills. Sleepless nights and hair pulling creative slumps, focus tunnels and endless cups of tea or coffee. If it were me, whiskey and guilty pleasure playlists. The palette that gets tossed in the trash after a painting is finished is just as much the masterpiece as the canvas. The elements that contributed to the act of artistic expression, that is Wasted Paint.

The paper towels full of paint swatches, the tissues that shaved lipsticks, the wipes that swept the glitter where it needed to be cleaned up, the drips of watercolors that fell from a splatter, the debris littering the ground from a carving, the specks of ink that splashed while fiercely writing, the trash that doesn’t get enough credit. The palette that is thrown away, full of the experiences of trial, error, and pure love, that my friends, is wasted paint.

We owe all the beauty and accomplishment in the world to a series of events unbenounced to us. I call this phenomenon the pursuit of self-love. The pursuit is a painter’s palette. The self -love, is the masterpiece. There is not one without the other. For this reason I hope to create a place where the pursuit is just as celebrated as destination. I believe we should indulge in our very own palettes in every sense of the word. As we will without a doubt, become masterpieces in our own right. And if at the end of it, we are all a little drunk in self-love, then so it be, wasted paint.